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October 14th, 2023


Good day and welcome to the annual Celtic Classic here at Glenvar High School! We are extremely excited to have bands from all over the area and we hope you are excited as well. Today we have 12 bands in attendance and we are looking forward to a fantastic day of music!


All the bands here with us today have been working very hard since July to perfect their show to the best of their ability and every one of them have made tremendous progress leading up to today. In respect of all their hard work, we ask that you please show all participating bands respect and remain silent during each performance (with exception, cheering, of course!) and support their on-field achievements. We seek to foster a positive atmosphere of support and good sportsmanship here on campus and hope you will carry on this tradition!


The Marching Highlanders and GHS Band Boosters are proud to be your hosts today at the Celtic Classic. If at any time you need assistance with anything, or just have any questions please do not hesitate to find one of our volunteers and reach out. Please take the time to review this program and take special note of all the performances we have lined up for today.


We thank you for your attendance and support today. As directors, we know that we could not possibly do our job without the support of the parents, drivers, and volunteers of all sorts who help make our jobs just a little bit easier. We sincerely hope that you enjoy today’s performances here at the Celtic Classic!



Nick Alford

Director of Bands, Glenvar

Letter from Franklin

Glenvar High School Marching Highlanders

Directed by Mr. Nicholas Alford

Performing their 2023 Field Show Entitled:


Musical Selections Include:

Lines, Balance, and Color

Featuring Soloists:

Lauren Smith - Mellophone, Ember Ailstock - Alto Saxophone, and Eliana Guzman - Piccolo

Staff Includes:

Mr. Stephen Chisum - Assistant Director and Color Guard Director, Ms. Autumn Edson - Visual and Brass Instructor, Mr. Matthew Homoroc - Percussion Instructor, and Mrs. Ani Silva-Berrios - Woodwind Instructor

Student Leadership:

Drum Major: Zachary Louvet

Field Commander: Nick Fraticelli

Flute Section Leader: Gaby Bryson

Clarinet Section Leader: Hayden Hartz

Alto Saxophone Section Leader: Ember Ailstock

Mellophone Section Leader: Lauren Starkey

Trumpet Section Leader: Landon Cairns

Baritone and Tenor Sax Section Leader: Heidi Hartz

Low Voices Section Leader: Carma Ferguson

Auxillary Percussion Captain: Justin Louvet

Mallet Percussion Captain: Ty Ogle

Color Guard Captain: Meadow Dundas

2023-2024 Seniors: Ember Ailstock, Gaby Bryson, Jackson Critzer, Meadow Dundas, Heidi Hartz, Zachary Louvet, and Ty Ogle


Judges for Today

General Effect: Dr. Josh Gillen

 Music: Dr. Dave McKee


Color Guard: Bethany Maddox Hajny

Percussion: Myles Thomas

Drum Major: Will Satterwhite

The Hungry Highlander Concession Items and Prices

Auburn Marching Eagles


Under the Direction of Mrs. Dawn Sechrist

Performing their 2023 Field Show Entitled:

The Beauty of the Earth

Musical Selections Include:

Arrangements and Original Music by Jeff Chambers

Staff Includes:

Sadie Markham - Assistant Band Director and Julie Posey - Colorguard Instructor

Student Leadership:

Drum Major: Hannah Rose

Senior Student Leadership: Aidan Doyle, Jio Paniagua-Ugarte, Rae-Anna Weeks, and Evan Skinner

Randolph-Henry HS Marching Statesmen

Under the Direction of Mr. Kevin Reamey

Performing their 2023 Field Show Entitled:

Spin an M

Musical Selections Include:

M (Money) Money, For the Love of Money

W (Winter) I'll Be Home For Christmas, Hazy Shade of Winter

3 - Three is the Magic Number, Knock Three Times

E (Electric) Electric Avenue, Safety Dance

Staff Includes:

Amy Reamey - Colorguard

Student Leadership:

Sydney Hileman - Drum Major, Elle Sassi - Brass, Sally Lawson - Low Voices, Ta'Quaysha Walker - Woodwinds, Jacob Williams - Percussion, and Savannah Birdsill - Colorguard


William Campbell High School Marching Generals

Generals Logo Cropped (1) - Shepard Wells.png

Under the Direction of Mr. Shepard Wells

Performing their 2023 Field Show Entitled:

Echoes of Elton

Musical Selections Include:

I'm Still Standing, Circle of Life, and Don't Go Breaking My Heart

Staff Includes:

Color Guard Instructor - Aaliyah Whitehead

Student Leadership:

Captains and Section Leaders: Delaney Burton, Deanna David, James Hancock, Julie Jennings, Josh Johnson

Altavista Marching Colonels

Under the Direction of Mr. Jacob Sheffield

Performing their 2023 Field Show Entitled: 

Rock 'N' Rewind

Musical Selections Include:

Rebel Yell, All The Small Things, Holiday, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

Staff Includes:

Guard Instructor: Leann Rainville and Percussion Instructor: Luther Farmer

Student Leadership:

Drum Major: Princessa Crews, Field Captains: Abby DeFord and Nicholas Shelton, and Color Guard Captain: Skylar Nowlin


Gretna Marching Hawks

Under the Direction of Mrs. Allison Shelton

Performing their 2023 Field Show Entitled: 


Musical Selections Include:

Setting Sail, A Day at the Beach, and Pirate Ship

Staff Includes:

David MacPherson - Percussion Instructor

Student Leadership:

Seniors: Taveon Hunt, Ellen Macia-Sanabia, Devin Roberts, Alan Shelton, Madison Smith, Justin Sparrow, Makayla Thomas, and Nicole Wimbush

William Fleming High School Marching Colonels

Under the Direction of Mr. Robert Rigby

Performing their 2023 Field Show Entitled: 

Moulin Rouge

Musical Selections Include:

Movement 1: Nature Boy, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Diamonds are Girl's Best Friend

Movement 2: One Day I'll Fly Away

Movement 3: El Tango De Roxanne, Come What May

Staff Includes:

Shane Mercy, Sage Abueznaid, and Kimberly Whiter

Student Leadership:

Jalen  Robinson - Drum Major, Curtis Haythe - Band Captain, Tamara Walker - Woodwind Captain, Keesha Dorcelus + Montay Logan - Brass Captains, Kendell Johnson - Percussion Captain, and Victoria Edmund - Color Guard Captain

William Fleming.jfif

The Pride of Floyd County

Floyd County.gif

Under the Direction of Mr. Christian Kiser

Performing their 2023 Field Show Entitled:


Musical Selections Include:

Vapor, Liquid, and Solid

Student Leadership:

Drum Major: Lily Anderson

Woodwind Captain: Sophie Perdue

Brass Captain: Jack Wilder

Drum Captain: Lucas Yaunsem

Color Guard Captain: Ruby Dowd

Flute Section Leaders: Nadiah Butterworth and Amelia Hubbard

Clarinet Section Leader: Xavin Jarzynski

Saxophone Section Leaders: Jacob Brown and Garreth Rudd

High Brass Section Leader: Madeline Wall

Low Brass Section Leader: Izy Thompson

Front Ensemble Section Leader: Silas Ocampo

Magna Vista High School Marching Warriors

Under the Direction of Mr. Kevin Lewis

Performing their 2023 Field Show Entitled:

Between Midnight and One: Before the Clock Strikes

Staff Includes:

David Saleeba - Assistant, Matthew Thomas - Guard, Shannon Crowe and Anasia Napper - Visual

Student Leadership:

Drum Major: Xitlalli Mena, Woodwinds: Kinza Yasar, Saxes: Jakob Foley, High Brass: Joseph Fincher, Low Brass: Jayla Garnes, and Percussion: Kaleigh Lawson

71206600439__2536D055-BA1B-4F04-9D95-BAAA1EA5EA07 - Kevin Lewis.jpg

Nelson County High School

Nelson County.webp

Under the Direction of Mr. Scott Belcher

Performing their 2023 Field Show Entitled:

The Sound of Simon

Musical Selections Include:

Bridge Over Troubled Water, Still Crazy After All These Years, 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover, Late in the Evening, and Sound of Silence

Staff Includes:

Assistant Marching Band Director: Dupree Vest and Color Guard Coach: Theresa Truslow

Student Leadership:

Drum Major: Kyleigh Sherwood

Color Guard Captain: Meadow Moran

Student Leaders: Alissa Ponton, Cady Marrs, Rebecca Marden, Ivy Johnson, Dakota Justus, Serenity Truslow, Anthony Giaconna-Spry, John Campbell, Alex Raynes, Odin Clark-Cearley, Immanol Barragan, Cooper Thompson, and Preston Woodson

362260948_738358874963158_8092934682311956425_n - Brian Quakenbush.jpg

Cave Spring High School Marching Knights

Under the Direction of Mr. Brian Quakenbush

Performing their 2023 Field Show Entitled:

Chaos Order

Staff Includes:

Chris McDilda, Assistant

DeWayne Peters, Percussion Instructor

Todd Russell, Guard Instructor

Student Leadership:

Hailey Lipscomb and Tyler Cooper, Drum Majors

Franklin County High School Band

Franklin County.png

Under the Direction of Mr. Adam Singer

Performing their 2023 Field Show Entitled:


Musical Selections Include:

Roar by Katy Perry and Set Fire to the Rain by Adele

Staff Includes:

Kellie Powell, Owen Angell, Sarrah Schachner, Chelsea Singer, and Kadeem Breedlove

Student Leadership:

Drum Majors: Ashley Hernandez-Morales and Connor Dunford

Woodwind Captain: Abigail Shaver

Brass Captain: Kevin Prillaman

Percussion Captain: Kayliana Dixon

Guard Captain: Madelyn Cressell

Flute Section Leader: Daisy Hudson

Clarinet Section Leader: Abigail Shaver

Alto Saxophone Section Leader: George Estrada

Low Reeds Section Leader: Emma Holdren

Trumpet Section Leader: Avan Childress

Mellophone/LB Section Leader: Kevin Prillaman

Librarian Crew: Maddy Turner

Field Crew: Christian Davis

Prop Crew: Hannah Doak

Pit Crew: Brittany Cruz-Chavarria

Uniform Crew: Melody Harris, Amanda Harden, and Kevin Prillaman

Clean Up Crew: Sydney Young

Field Leaders: Amber Drew and Hannah Nelson

The Pride of Patrick County

Under the Direction of Mr. Joseph W. Whitt

Performing their 2023 Field Show Entitled:

Autumnal Variations

Musical Selections Include:

Movement 1: Falling Leaves

Movement 2: Halloween

Movement 3: Thanksgiving

Staff Includes:

Assistant Director: Victoria Stephens / Color Guard Director: Ashlee Mullis / Percussion Instructor: Cortney Busick

Student Leadership:

Band Captains: Tyler Buchanan & Eli Stiltner / Lieutenant Captain: Bethany Goode / Percussion Captain: Ananiah Jenkins / Color Guard Captains: Bryley Pike, Marissa Bentley, & Audrey Young

Patrick County.png
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