State Concert Assessment

High School Concert Band - Grade 4

Straight Superior Ratings (I, I, I, I)

8th Grade Band - Grade 3

Superior Rating (I, I, I, II)

RCPS Jazz Assessment

Combined Jazz Band

Rating TBD

Blue Ridge Regional - Salem, VA

1st place OVERALL out of 5 Bands in Group 1

1st place music

2nd place visual

1st place general effect

1st place percussion

1st place color guard

Star City Classic - Roanoke, VA

3rd place OVERALL in Class AA

1st place visual

Blue Ridge Festival of Bands - Vinton, VA

2nd place OVERALL in Class AA

2nd highest score in Class A/AA out of 11 bands

2nd place music

2nd place marching

2nd place general effect

2nd place percussion

2nd place color guard

2nd place drum major

All-Virginia Band

Symphonic Band:

Nicholas Louvet - 10th chair clarinet

High School All-District Band

Symphonic Band​:

Nicholas Louvet - 2nd chair clarinet

Zachary Louvet - 5th chair trombone

Ky Yeoman - 12th chair clarinet

Concert Band

Ty Ogle - 3rd chair tuba

Josie Fraticelli - 5th chair trumpet

Jacob Snead - 6th chair percussion

Middle School All-District Band

Symphonic Band​:

Nicholas Fraticelli - 1st chair bari sax

Landon Cairns - 3rd chair trumpet

Grace Deweese - 3rd chair euphonium

Hayden Hartz - 13th chair clarinet

Concert Band

Daniel Floyd - 4th chair trombone

Carma Ferguson - 4th chair tuba

Justin Louvet - 5th chair percussion

Abigail Cummings - 12th chair clarinet

Virginia Tech Honor Band

Nicholas Louvet - clarinet

Ky Yeoman - clarinet

Josie Fraticelli - trumpet

Zander Honaker - percussion