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Fall Color Guard/Winter Guard


Fall Color Guard is the most visual part of the most visual ensemble Glenvar Bands has to offer.  Through a combination of dance, flag, and rifle choreography, the color guard adds another level of visual performance to the music being played by the band members.  Auditions for the Fall Color Guard are open to any rising 7th through 12th grader and generally occur around April or May.

Winter Guard is an extension of the color guard activity that occurs, you guessed it, throughout the winter season.  This is the time for guard to truly shine as there is no band to perform with.  Instead, the winter guard performs to a recorded song or short piece of music.  Competitions are held inside in a school's gymnasium.  One of the purposes of winter guard is to continue working on skills during what would normally be considered as the "off-season".  Auditions for the Winter Guard are open to any 6th through 12th grade student and generally occur around mid-November.

While guard as a whole is a large time commitment and requires hard work, this activity can be quite enjoyable and teach a lot of life lessons.  Fall Color Guard students participate in competitions, football games, and parades throughout August, September, October, and November.  Winter Guard students participate in competitions throughout January, February, March, and April.  It is important to note that both Fall Color Guard and Winter Guard are not required in the same year.  You may choose to audition for just Fall Color Guard, just Winter Guard, or both.

Because of the athletic nature of both Fall Color Guard and Winter Guard, all participants are required to have a VHSL Physical on file with the school.  Any physical obtained after May 1 is valid through June 30 of the succeeding year.

For more information, please contact Mr. Chisum at

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